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We provide training to various fields in handling CFD projects for engineering applications and have extensive experience in various areas and hands-on experience solving various fields.


Also provides training of OpenFOAM software (basic/advanced). OpenFOAM is open-source software that is freely available for solving and analyzing problems using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It also helps/creates movies for visualization (with third party software like. paraview) like a real-world fluid flow problem. This open-source (OpenFoam), can solve problems that are equivalent to commercial software i.e. FLUENT, COMSOL, Flow 3D etc. It is widely used in academic institutions and is gaining popularity in Industries as well.


If you are looking for educational or professional development training as per your requirements, we offer open-source software training courses in scientific computing. In general, CFD uses open-source software as well as commercial applications. 


The training courses are offered at various levels as an introductory level, intermediate level and advanced level.


At the introductory level, users can get the fundamental skills, and at intermediate and advanced levels for those who wish to explore their skills to implement in their problem requirements. If you are interested to get any levels of training, please feel free to write or visit the following links: 


To attend a training meeting based on your requirements, it's very time-consuming so the cost of training depends on the time spent during the course training. By considering this in mind, we are developing online training sessions. The online mode of training can be requested any time as per your requirements and the training sessions can be conducted for the same. For more updates, please feel free to write to us with more information.  


If you need any training related to commercial applications (like ANSYS Meshing, ANSYS CFD, MatLab) and advanced CFD tools, please can contact us. 

In the end, If you have any concerns then please do not hesitate to connect with us for further information on availability and costs.

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