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To collaborative research & development


Open to collaboration with organizations as well as clients in the development of innovative designs and solutions.

OpenFoam mentorship program


Apart from consulting services, we also offer mentorship programs which are one on one guiding or coaching on your specific problem. This support level is programmed at lowering the entry barrier that new users encounter at very less affordable prices. 


Mentorship programs include mainly, but are not limited to: 


  • Installation and compilation

  • Guidance in the setting of your problem

  • Solid modeling ( CAD supporting software)

  • CAD cleaning

  • Mesh generation and assessing mesh quality 

  • Guiding in the selection of the best simulation parameters

  • Support implementing additional features

  • Guiding to scripting, plotting, and data analytics

  • Training the basic programming

  • Useful guidance/tips to speed up the simulation workflow

  • Scripting for automation of the simulation workflow

  • High-performance computing

  • Scientific data visualization



The policy of pricing of the mentoring service is as follows: 


  • Mentorship services are offered only through online, however, according to your requirements or needs these can be arranged onsite based on demand. For further enquiry, please do write or connect with us.

  • Mentorship services are not only limited to OpenFOAM. If you are interested in getting support for other open sources as well as licensing software (e.g., Ansys Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics, Flow 3D only academic version), please write to us for more information.

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