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Machinery Industry

Machinery manufacturing companies worldwide are finding ways to differentiate from others in terms of value, functional performance and durability. Competitive differentiation brings more revenue to the company’s bottom line and companies are finding new ways to acquire the leading edge.


Best in class manufacturing companies are evolving from the traditional engineering “build and break” process to virtual prototypes, and simulation solutions are becoming an integral part of the design process.


Benefits to engineers: High-fidelity simulation of common mechanical parts, such as gears, belts, chains, and bearings., enhanced productivity with incredibly quick model solve evaluate process times., an automated, wizard-driven model creation process for ease of use.


Many types of machinery-related simulations:


  • Dynamics simulation

  • Gear & bearing modeling and analysis

  • Hydraulics & pneumatics simulation

  • Structural analysis

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Industrial equipment

  • Washing machines

  • Wind turbines

  • Fans & blowers

  • Gas & steam turbines

  • Marine machinery

  • Pumps & water turbines

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