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Marine or Shipbuilding Industry

From recreational craft to tankers, to ships built for transportation and defense, modern shipbuilders are creating enormously complex systems that are challenged by one of the world’s most demanding and dangerous environments. Driven by market pressures to control production, reduce operating costs, address environmental concerns, ensure safety, and increase human comfort, manufacturers look to reduce both material costs and design and development costs. 


RKSTS provides the CFD service to the shipbuilding industry with virtual prototyping solutions that ensure safety and reliability, compliance with requirements, and make the ship design and verification process faster and more efficient. This not only saves considerable costs by reducing physical testing but also allows users to gain a deeper understanding of the product behavior and improve the designs well before production.


Many types of shipbuilding simulations use for:

  • Hull

  • Rotary equipment

  • Propellers 

  • Submarines


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