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CFD Capabilities

We offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) services to solve various analyses related challenges faced by industries during product development. Our Approach to problem-solving is unique, that starts with a proper understanding of the physics of the problem and preparing the right solution. Benchmarking with available analytical or experimental data, validation of results are indispensable parts of the CFD simulation process. We are committed to providing accurate and reliable results.


CFD models, it can solve fluid flow problems and calculate the variation in pressure and velocity throughout the fluid volume. The applications include multi-phase, detailed turbulence,  complex physics like combustion, aeroacoustics, and coupling with other physics solvers. 


Heat transfer analysis, it is one of the areas where CFD can be used to solve the problems involving conduction, convection, and radiation. It helps in calculating the heat transfer coefficients of various types of flows including in various modes such as natural, forced, and mixed convection. Also, more complicated heat transfer effects like viscous heating, real material models,  compressibility, and phase change, cavitation, evaporation, and also boiling can be included. 


By coupling the flow field and chemistry, many complex real-world reactions/combustion problems, it can be solved. It can predict the evolution of chemical species in real geometries, and provide a better understanding of the combustion process.

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