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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is one of the core industries and well-paced with competitive pressures and market demands pushing for short development cycles. 

Chemical Process Industry is a one of main segments covering industrial speciality chemicals, plastics,  fine chemicals, paints, agriculture, and food. These processes are very complex as it involves huge variations including single phase, multiphase flows (gas-liquid, liquid -solid, gas-liquid-solid), without as well as chemical reactions.  Some typical reactors that can be quickly listed are, Bubble Columns, Stirred tanks, Spray Drier,  Packed beds, Fluidized beds, Extraction columns, Separators,  Distillation Columns, Static Mixers, Evaporators, Shell and Tube heat Exchangers, etc.


13 years of experience in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling of complex processes, we have expertise to work with manufacturing while providing them design and process solutions. Our team understand that industry needs  a simpler, reversible and sustainable solutions to their problems. We have acquired a good process understanding of a wide range of manufacturing processes like cement, chemicals, petroleum refining technologies, food processing and fibers, paints etc. 

Our CFD experience includes areas of combustion, particulate flows, chemically reactive flows, multiple rotating flows, multiphase flows and expertise is to solve any industrial problem. We believe domain key knowledge is very helpful for CFD  modeling expertise and aim is to deliver state-of-the-art, innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Design Requirements of Chemical Process industry

  • High Fuel Efficiency

  • High Throughput

  • Lower Power consumption

  • Consistent Quality of the Product

  • Reduce Eliminate Risk

  • Predict Performance

  • Pollution Control

Typical Causes

  • Improper Mixing

  • Thermal Non homogeneity

  • Solid Settling/Improper Suspension/Floating

  • Poor Gas Dispersion

  • Poor Heat Transfer

  • High Power Consumption

  • Poor Product Quality

  • Improper Scaleup

How CFD can Help


Computational Fluid dynamics is  most commonly used to design chemical reactors and to enhance the performance of existing equipment.  CFD is the most fundamental modeling approach that solves the transport equations for basic conversational laws of mass, momentum and energy (heat transfer) that gives spatial and temporal distribution of the velocity, pressure, temperature, and species.

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