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Oil & Gas Industry

Drilling and production equipment and transportation infrastructure are continuously subjected to severe loading conditions and any disruption to operations can lead to expensive shutdowns. 

Hence extensive testing early in the design cycle is critical. However, it is not only expensive for exhaustive physical testing but could also be hazardous to test engineers because of the need to recreate the harsh field conditions.


Our team provides simulation solutions that can provide the benefits of accuracy, completeness and safety. RKSTS’s team not only provides a comprehensive set of tools, but also an integrated multidisciplinary solution for improved accuracy.


Many types of simulations in the oil and gas industry include:

  • Design of spent fuel tanks 

  • Collapse, burst and failure of casings

  • Stress analysis and fatigue of coiled tubing and pipes

  • Fluid-structure interaction of drilling oil risers

  • Valves and piping manifold

  • Thermal-structural and fatigue studies of coke drums

  • Residual stress analysis due to weldings

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