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Medical Industry

RKSTS has been a reliable engineering simulation and analysis to the medical device industry. Our consulting services and solutions can be benefited by medical device companies during the design process to predict the performance, stress, and fatigue of medical products using computational modeling and analysis methods. Medical applications are typically subjected to a wide range of complex environmental and biological loading conditions.


By optimizing design, biomedical engineers can reduce time to market and increase product reliability while meeting budgetary and regulatory requirements. Benefits of utilizing finite element analysis (FEA) for medical design include Shorter development cycles, Improved quality management, Increased performance and mechanical reliability and increased product life and durability. 


Modeling and Simulation: To ensure confidence in the simulation and reliability of the analysis results, medical device manufacturers must ensure that the CAE analyst is using the most current CAD geometry, specify the correct material properties, and apply the appropriate environmental loading conditions. It must also create the proper mesh type and size, record the version of the analysis software, and correlate results with physical test data. These criteria must be preserved and managed for food and drug administration (FDA) compliance purposes and the benefit of enhanced enterprise productivity.


User-Friendly Desktop Simulation: RKSTS help to build a powerful system, easy-to-use simulation workspace environment with capabilities to capture and complex processes. Our customers can cost-effectively build customized virtual medical device test solutions which allow the user to focus on the products to test instead of specifics of how to run a simulation.


Many types of medical-related simulations:

  • Fluid structures interaction

  • Structural analysis

  • Stress & strain analysis

  • Design optimization

  • Thermal & heat transfer analysis

  • Acoustic analysis

  • Heart valve analysis

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