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Provides engineering solutions like CFD related projects, hyper works training, new product design and development, Finite element analysis (FEA), meshing (shell, tetra and hex), concept development, prototyping and testing and academic projects.

Engineering Services


If you want results, you can trust the flexibility of working with extremely skilled engineers who know FEA and how it's applied to engineering problems like yours. RKSTS is a team you can rely on to improve your product development process.  We provide consulting support based on your requirements and specific needs. This could range from performing analysis for you on a project basis, one/multiple times a year as well as providing full time staff members to help you create repeatable processes in-house.

Quick Start Projects


A quick start project will provide you with a consultancy to accelerate the returns on your software investment. The consultant will help you to install and configure OpenFoam software products for your environment, and provide general instruction for your staff in using the software in your product development process.

Knowledge Transfer


The RKSTS team will perform simulations for you and then use the simulation as a basis for transferring the necessary knowledge to your staff. We do this through a step-by-step approach of training your team on the process we used to set up, simulate and post-process your simulation. This ensures that your teams are ready to successfully apply simulation to future design projects.

Customer Success Program


Whether an existing or new user of CFD tool, the Customer Success Program leverages the vast pool of RKSTS and industry experts to deliver the support you need whenever you require and in the method most convenient either at the customer's facility or remotely.   Learn More...

Toolkit Solutions


Our services team has developed numerous solutions tool-kit extensions that provide capabilities for specialized applications. Solution tool-kits provide tailored user interface environments for industry-specific simulations.   Learn More...

Simulation Data and Process Management


RKSTS provides powerful support for managing simulation data and processes. Out-of-the-box, Our team can help instant value by maintaining the linkages and pedigree of the variety of data that is input to and output from a simulation and by enabling management to quickly assess wherever you run the state of simulation tasks in the enterprise. 

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