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Modern era Industry : Drone

Aerodynamics and Noise Reduction : Introduction & CFD contribution


  • Propeller, wing and fuselage are the primary components of the drones.

  • The fuselage is the main body of the drone where other essential parts are attached.

  • Propeller converts rotary motion into thrust.

  • Precise CFD analysis is needed to achieve high efficiency, excellent aerodynamic performance & good velocity range.

  • CFD analysis helps design engineers to redesign inefficient components.

  • The stable and accurate design of each component reduces the vibration & noise level.


Aerodynamics CFD analysis outcomes


Lift and drag forces on components

  • A different angle of attack, yaw and turbulent cases

  • Analysis of airframe components

  • Airframe and part load analysis

  • Effect of wind on flight characteristics

  • Wind effect on installed camera and structures

Transient simulation of time-dependent flow structures

  • Effect of turbulent structures

  • Changing wind conditions

  • High angle of attack or rotating propeller: transient CFD is necessary.

Preliminary design

  • Analysis of concept from the design workbench

  • Steady and time-varying air force development on parts for further static and dynamic structural analysis

  • Identification of extreme conditions and loads

  • Comparison of different designs for wind loads

Flow-thermal analysis

  • Steady and time-dependent thermal analysis of parts

  • Heating/cooling of electronic components such as motor and radio electronics


Noise analysis using CFD

  • Noise reduction is a challenging step in any drone design.

  • Inefficient blade design, inefficient motor, faulty assembling etc. are the primary reasons for noise creation.

  • Quieter drones are crucial for wildlife survey, surveillance, military use etc.

  • Every wildlife is frightened by the unwanted noise hence they avoid such places that causes unconventional environmental changes such as bird migration.

  • Other than wildlife survey and surveillance drones are also starting to get attention in the product delivery industry like Zomato

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